2nd Annual Bridge Forum June 2nd 2016
The Bridge Summit 2015 Phoenix Arizona


An exclusive panel of Law Enforcement Officers and Community Luminaries participating in a forum. “Connecting Community Engagement with Police Professionalism.”

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Each panelist will give opening remarks on the state of community engagement and policing and discuss your department’s best practices relating to the topic. No PowerPoint presentation is required unless you want to present in that format.

The discussion will be moderated by a Facilitator from The Bridge Forum. The audience is by invitation only and questions will be screened and pre-selected from the audience so we have more control over the direction and tone of the dialog.

The time on the panel is broken up into sections – opening section approximately two hours, one breakout session discussion about one hour, with the final wrap up session of about one hour.

Each Chief will lead a discussion around a subject to create 3-7 points, capture quotes, get photos and ultimately write a book during the day. The audience will participate in a pre and post survey and those out comes and learning will be debriefed in the closing session.

The goals of the book in a day are to capture perspectives, attitudes and beliefs about community policing and police professionalism. The book will explore conscious and unconscious biases that contribute to the dynamics of community engagement and perceptions and to identify behavioral shifts in the community.

Use of Data
The book will be used to understand impact of community policing best practices and to help develop additional research, educational and training curriculum in community policing.

Media must register below and we will coordinate access to the Bridge Forum. We may invite selected media for post-event interviews. We will ask Chief’s to do a brief sit down interview with our communications team to capture your thoughts and opinions on the subject matter.

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